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KING-Black and White Gift

The modern church, in the recent past, has suffered from a lack of participation by men.  Historically, the women have taken the lead and held positions in most present day assemblies.  This trend is beginning to reverse as men again are taken their rightful position as leaders.

The men's ministry at FFC is focused on getting men involved; becoming an army not an audience.  

In the gospel of Luke, Jesus told Peter to trust out a little so that He may minister to the people.  After He had ministered for a while, He then requested that Peter now launch out deeper than what was previously asked for a great reward.  Although Peter didn’t understand the request and although he had just come in from fishing without catching anything, he determined that he would obey Jesus and launched out into the deep and let down his net.  As a result, many fish were caught; to the point that the boat began to sink and the net broke.  Jesus told he and his companions to follow him and he would make them fishers of men.  Again, they obeyed the voice of Jesus.


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