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Meet Lady Barbara duncan

If she were to be described in one word, it would be Love.  Lady Duncan exemplifies love each day in rare and sometimes unexpected forms.  She’s known for her contagious smile that warms the sanctuary each Sunday.  When she’s not smiling it’s only because her mouth is open and praying or praising. She dances before the Lord with a pep in her step.  In addition to praising, a prayer warrior she definitely is.  

Barbara’s educational background is in social work and she has extensive background in all areas of Christian counseling.  She too has been employed for a company focusing on empowering troubled youth to become successful citizens.  Although her professional and educational background lends more towards social matters, Barbara will do whatever is necessary for the house of God. 


Yes, she will even clean the restrooms!


Calvin and Barbara now have five children, Richard (Shannon), Chelsea (Chris), and Azell, and grandchildren  Richard II and Bella Monet  – all of which bring them tremendous joy.  In Barbara's spare time, she enjoys catching up with her family, shopping, working out and above all, enjoying quality time with her husband.

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