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Words to Live By

Age Range: All Ages

Group Type:  Women &Men 

In this small group together we will explore, develop, and share in our love and appreciation for spoken word/ poetry and creative writing such as monologues and short speeches. This will be done by the sharing and breaking down of our own personal writings and also the work of others that have been published publicly for the world to see. Of course everyone’s participation will eventually be required but there will be no pressure and you will be allowed to get comfortable in time as we progress. This small group is backed by Faith and Family Church so there will be some talks of biblical principles; and negative content and language will be limited for the respect of others but not totally excluded for the sake of messages and the art. We will meet every other Thursday via ZOOM and a schedule and curriculum will be available soon. Glad to have you in the group!!







James Claiborne


1 hour 

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