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Fun Activities with Believers

Age Range: 21-50

Group Type: Men & Women


THIS IS A VARIETY ACTIVITY GROUP! The goal is to demonstrate that Believers can have tons of fun with each other, living in this 'world', without compromising their Faith and commitment to God! Join F.A.B. and let's have a blast!


This 6-session series will consist of virtual gatherings as well as in-person fellowships. Activities may include Game Night (board games, cards, etc), Movie Night, Sports (Bowling, Skating, Axe Throwing, etc), Karaoke Lounge, Restaurant Dinner, Trivia Night. For activities that are in-person... social distancing and facemasks (where applicable) will be required.


Activities that cost will require Participants' own money. **Specific Activities will be determined as Participants join the group and are able to discuss options together. Otherwise, Group Leader will decide and communicate plan.



Saturday Afternoons.

Beginning Mar 27, 2021 and Ending June 5, 2021




Jaye Toler 


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