Practical Life Applications for the Christian

Age Range: 18-45

Group Type: Men & Women


The goal of this group is to demonstrate and carry out activities and lifestyles that we can and do engage in while being Christian. The idea is that while we are Christian, we are also Human! We can Have Fun, Enjoy Life, Be Productive, and LIVE ON PURPOSE... all without compromising our commitment to God! THIS IS A VARIETY ACTIVITY GROUP!


This 6-session series will consist of virtual gatherings as well as in-person fellowships and MAY involve the following: Cooking, Game Night, Fitness/Exercise/Health/Yoga, Movie Night, Sports (Golf, Bowling, Skating, etc), Coloring, Reading, Trivia, Learning Sessions (from SMEs in specialized fields such as Gardening, Finances, Relationships, etc), Karaoke. For activities that are in-person... social distancing, where applicable, and other CDC guidelines will be practiced.


Some activities may require Participants' own money to cover necessary costs, where applicable. **Specific Activities will be determined as Participants join the group and are able to discuss together. Otherwise, Group Leaders will decide and communicate plan.


*Specific meeting days will be determined by Participants' availability, but we are looking at Thursdays or Saturdays**


Virtual & In-person


Jaye Toler

Michelle Toler  


Send an email to the contact person for the group.

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