Deep Dive into

The Word of 


Age Range: All Ages

Group Type:  Men and Women 

This small group is for those who desire a deeper understanding of what God says about Himself >God the Father > Son > Holy Spirit according to the bible.  Each book in the bible Genesis to Revelations will be studied.   We will identify the expected author, the setting, general theme, key verse, key people, the picture of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for each book. 


We will learn about types and shadows and demystify prophetic dreams, visions, and parables.  Participants will understand Baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues to be a critical strategy God is using to release the gifts of the Spirit, and lead His people to revival.  This is an intense bible study that will look to the scriptures to learn how to build the Kingdom of God. Tough questions and hard sayings will be discussed as addressed in the bible i.e. homosexuality, abortion, divorce, racism, idolatry, world religions, pagan cults.   The sessions will correlate with FFC Sunday and Wednesday teaching topics.  


Thursdays at 7p

Twice a Month




Elder Jackie Bruce


1 hour 

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