Pastor calvin a. duncan


Calvin Anthony Duncan Pastor and founder of Faith and Family Church has committed his life to serving and encouraging people to live for Jesus - to be the best that they can be with the ability God's given them.

Born with no silver spoon, adversity struck Calvin Duncan at birth with his mother's untimely death, no knowledge of a father and reared by his Aunt in Linden, New Jersey. Yet, he never allowed the circumstances of life to deter him from the plan that God had for him.

Basketball was his instrument out of the urban community that led him to Richmond, Virginia. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University on scholarship, earned a degree in criminal justice and received the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1985, he was commissioned by his church in Virginia to preach the gospel.

During that time, he was drafted in NBA; however, he opted to play with Athletes in Action, a Christian organization, traveled overseas, and playing and coaching in the CBA. Calvin mentored groups of men, married couples and spear headed a reading program to over 40 schools in Washington State. He conducted chapel services, bible studies, and missions in Mexico and Canada.

In May 1997, after returning to Richmond, Duncan was appointed youth pastor/assistant pastor in the city of Richmond. He also began a youth center aiding children in 5 area schools helping with an after school program. Calvin indicates that each experience in his life from growing up in Linden, N.J., to his basketball career to being a youth pastor led to his role as leader of Faith and Family Church.

On June 6, 2004 Faith and Family Church was presented to Richmond, Virginia and with the favor of God, FFC is ready and willing to take its place in the body of Christ to impact lives for the Glory of God. Under Pastor Duncan's leadership ''team concept'' of being open, transparent and accessible, the membership continues to rise. He and his wife, Barbara have four children, Richard (Shannon), Chelsea and Azell.


First Lady Barbara t. Duncan

If she were to be described in one word, it would be Love.  First Lady Barbara Duncan exemplifies love each day in rare and sometimes unexpected forms.  She’s known for her contagious smile that warms the sanctuary each Sunday.  When she’s not smiling it’s only because her mouth is open and praying or praising.  Although she has reached the age of 50, she dances before the Lord with a youthful “pep in her step”.  In addition to praising, a prayer warrior she definitely is.  

In her mid-twenties, Barbara’s life had taken some turns that had her feeling emotionally overwhelmed.  Barbara went through a divorce with two young children.  Once she realized that the battle was the Lord’s versus her own, she let go in order to let God.  Jesus became real to Barbara.  She welcomed Him into her heart and allowed Him to have full custody of her life.  At that time, she was working in Corporate America at Best Product, Inc.  During her lunch breaks, she and four friends would come together and pray.  She likens Jeremiah who had fire shut up in his bones.  Barbara was determined to hold on to the hand of her Savior.  

Barbara later met the man of her dreams, Calvin Anthony Duncan.  He was everything and more than what Barbara prayed for.  Not only did he love and adore her, but he accepted and cherished her children, which became their children when they married almost 20 years ago.  During the first part of their marriage, Barbara and the children had the opportunity to travel and relocate with Calvin as he coached professional basketball.  Although exciting, this was somewhat challenging because of the close family ties that she has with her six other siblings.  Barbara is the third eldest of seven children.  

Once Calvin decided to end his basketball career, Richmond, VA, once again, became her home.  She came back and put her hands directly to the plow as she served her husband in the position of Youth Pastor to hundreds.  The youth had their own physical building which housed church services, community mentoring, Friday night Christian jams, and much more.  

Barbara’s educational background is in social work and she has extensive background in all areas of Christian counseling.  She too has been employed for a company focusing on empowering troubled youth to become successful citizens.  Although her professional and educational background lends more towards social matters, Barbara will do whatever is necessary for the house of God.  Yes, she will even clean the restrooms!

Calvin and Barbara now have four children, Richard (Shannon), Chelsea, and Azell, and one grandson Richard II – all of which bring them tremendous joy.  In Barbara's spare time, she enjoys eating at nice restaurants, catching up with her family, shopping, working out and above all, enjoying quality time with her husband.