1 But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. 2 Now early[a] in the morning He came again into the temple, and all the people came to Him, and He sat down and taught them. Mount of Olives is the highest point in the Hills East of Jerusalem. Jesus often would get away from the crowd and get alone with His Father and His disciples for quiet time and devotion; A place of strengthening and encouraging each other.

In verse 2 notice that Jesus began his teaching early in the morning. The words “came” and “taught” are a continuous action in the Greek. The people continued coming to Jesus and he kept teaching them about the Kingdom of God.

His very mission in life was to worship His Father, along with teaching and
ministering to the people. This was Jesus way of teaching us through his demonstration of how all men should walk and live their lives. What we read in the text is that people came to Him continuously. People wanted to speak to Him and bask in His presence.

I believe this should be our story, that people should not run from us but come to us. In your prayer time ask God to bring people your way that hunger and thirst for righteousness. The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say and help you to create an atmosphere where God can touch someone's heart.

Let’s look at some crumbs from Jesus’ life through these two verses.

  • His life of devotion to His Father.
  • His life of worship to His Father.
  • His life of teaching and reaching the people.


Heavenly Father, My desire is to have a Mount Olives experience with you. One
of devotion and worship. I want to be a magnet for your Kingdom. Holy Spirit rest
on me and work through me so that I may touch someone's life for your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen!